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One comes to an end, another on the horizon

What a week it was! Crazy spring snow and rain storm that looked like winter was back. Then turning into what seems like summer is near with highs reaching 80 degrees two days after.

One day from the next can bring drastic changes to the fishing. Friday, fish were still along the shore in big school. Saturday complete ghost town! Clients had a tough day hooking up with rainbows, but a few still made it to the net. A surity, that the rainbow spawn for 2024 is in the rear-view window. Not all is lost for the trout fishery, we will definitely have to change tactics in to summer patterns and hatches which can be challenging. At least the weather is more cooperative throughout the summer minus the wind.

Client Joe Given with a healthy buck over the weekend

Shifting gears!

As waters start to warm up, we’re giving the trout a brief break to recover from spawning and looking to the open weed flats and toothy critters sitting in the shallows waiting for an ambush. Some of the pike we chase here are trophy fish. Some are hammer handles but you receive the variety pack of them. The pressure from anglers is nowhere near the magnitude it is during April trout fishing. Walk and wade options along with using watercraft to stalk the flats is feasible. This weekend proved to be a productive time and it’s only going to get better. If chasing trophy pike is on your list, come book a trip with us. Until then, take care!


Joe Given and his fist ever pike fishing trip

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