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New Adventures await!

This past weekend, we had clients come and get a different view of what we have to offer here at TH! Oddly this year, our most known lakes seem to be fairly slow and the water levels are considerably low in respect to spring fishing.

With that in mind we targeted some pike and were very successful. As the water temps rise and summer inches closer the pike fishing will only get better.

Now for the next adventure we will be offering, is a backcountry style river fishing adventure. As long as the water levels are with in means to float we will float and fish. If the fishing is slow, the historical scenery of the Blackfeet country and Lewis and Clark expedition will not disappoint. Grizzly and black bears inhabit the area as well as rattlesnakes, deer, elk, and moose. One river has type 2/3 class rapids in some spots along with big slow moving green holes. This is a technical float. The target species of fish are rainbow and cutthroat trout with occasionally picking up a walleye or two. These are 8-12 hour floats depending on the river flows and conditions. Cell service is nonexistent here. If this peaks your interest feel free to reach out via email or phone call.


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