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If your looking for an opportunity to come fish with us and still water fishing isn’t your thing, than you’re in luck. Our local creeks/rivers are starting to see a rainbow migration. These are not pressured fish and they’re in abundance. That doesn’t mean a lack of quality, because this time of the year we have witnessed 20”+ fish in the waters. Walk and wade is an option and soon we’ll have the ability to take raft ventures in the skinny waters. If your looking for technical waters we have that for you. Water temps are a bit chilly yet, but this weekend and the near forecasts predicted to be amazing which only increases the fishing glory!

On that note, our locals are experiencing some great still water action with rainbows pushing 30” and double digit weights respectively. This should produce through at least mid May. Afterwords things get a bit slow and the rivers are starting to see some snow melt and “blow out” conditions.

Book a trip today! April is like the spring September minus bugling bulls! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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