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Summer Season

Not a lot of traffic on the lakes this time of the year. Also a great time to go fishing for all species and namely, Pike. Looking at potentially catching 10+ fish a day. If you can cast big meaty flies in the wind you’ll greatly increase your chances for success.

Potential for 40”+ fish are realistic. On the contrary you can fill a day of 20” to upper 30’s”

While the water temps come up into the 50’s and greater the increase in bigger fish we’ll start to see. Good thing to remember is bigger flies=bigger fish.

Trout Fishing: fishing in the summer can still be good. Matching hatches during the mornings and evenings can produce some top water action. During mid-day/high-sun you’ll wanna get deep and fish under an indicator or a slow retrieve.

We also can rent you a personal watercraft if you don’t want to book a trip with us.

Hopefully the wind mellows out a bit in the near future so we can enjoy the water a little more.

Also if your looking for a float fishing trip you better hurry because time is running out. Walk and wade options available as well.

Let us know if we can help you out in anyway!


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