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Last Call

The last Muley permit is now available for auction at

Go place your bids. They start at $3500

For best success rates, choose TroutHunters for your mule deer hunting needs.

Bear season is in motion but the bear tags on the reservation have been sold out.

Also don’t forget to buy a fishing license as well if you plan on fishing with in the Blackfeet Reservation.

Speaking of fall hunts let’s not look past the quality antelope opportunities that we have. TroutHunters has exclusive access to private land that allows for unpressured antelope. Those permits can be purchased on a first come first serve basis. So if you don’t draw your unit in the state of Montana you still can purchase one for the Blackfeet Nation.

Fishing has been a little slow this week and the wind is picking up as temps rise. Hopefully it pushes in a few fronts and settles back down and gets fish spawning.

Whatever adventure awaits you we hope you’re successful and good luck to you and yours. Come book a trip with us today!


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