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 About TroutHunters Guide Service LLC

Hunting and Fishing adventures!

TroutHunters is a new and exciting outfitter/guide service on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, that is owned and operated by Jordan Running Wolf. We are a licensed and insured guide service. We are also working to become the only guide service that is licensed both on the reservation and as well as the State of Montana (coming soon).

Having been involved in the outdoor industry for several years and being a successful hunter and fly angler, Jordan guided people from across the world, under numerous outfitters and more recently, his cousin Tyson Running Wolf of Running Wolf Outdoors. Jordan decided it was time to share his knowledge and experiences with you! 

Jordan has a passion for Mountain Mule Deer and Fly Fishing everything that swims the Blackfeet waters and beyond into Montana. He has successfully harvested numerous Muley's ranging from 160" to 200"+ class consistently. With his success in the mountains of the Blackfeet Nation, he believes word has spread across the West with the aid of social media and has drawn hunters willing to trek the Rocky Mountain Front and into the treasured and beloved Badger-Two Medicine area.

Not only an avid mule deer hunter but a skilled elk, antelope, black bear, whitetail, and upland bird hunter. success has come with both rifle, shotgun, and archery equipment. 

TroutHunters also offers some of the best trout flyfishing in the world. People come from across the country and the world to experience the Blackfeet Nation's waters both stillwater and mountain streams. We have the most knowledge and insight to put you on more fish than you would think possible. staying in tune with bug hatches, times of the year, weather patterns, and species of trout we will put you on more fish. Not just trout, but we have knowledge of catching walleye and pike if that appeals to you.

Feel Free to reach us at, Jordanrw23@Instagram, 406-845-4884, or 406-845-6125 if you have any questions or want to book your next adventure and make a memorable experience. You won't be disappointed you did!

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Pricing and Tag info

All adventures require a 50% non-refundable deposit except for fishing. If for any reason you need to cancel, we will save your deposit and reschedule a future hunt for the following season or you will forfeit your deposit. Fishing will be paid in full previous to arrival or unless prior arrangements have been made. Remainder due upon arrival. Please note: tags and permits are separate from outfitter fees. We accept payments in the form of credit cards, cash, personal checks, money orders, and PayPal, ACH exchanges may also be plausible. Tags and permits must be purchased from Please keep in mind that some of the tags or permits are subject to changes made by the Fish and Wildlife Dept. from year to year or season to season. In the event, we may also change our prices to accommodate our clients to make the purchase more appealing and fair but competitive. 

Some permits are processed through a bid system and some are first come first serve. Please contact us if you need assistance navigating their website. 

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Hunting and Fishing the Blackfeet Nation

Whether you're in search of a rugged and demanding high country Mule Deer hunt, stalking the plains for the elusive American Pronghorn, fly fishing the famous still waters of the Blackfeet, or a  thrilling, rugged, but gorgeous freestone river we have what you're looking for. One of our experienced guides will definitely set you up for success!

All of our hunts require the tag to be purchased through 

We hope that you find your adventure with us at TroutHunters and have the experience of a lifetime!

price of outfitter fees are separate from the tag price and the tag cost is subject to change. We will gladly assist you in navigating the fish and wildlife website or shoot us an email for other info at


Mountain Mule Deer

When it comes to hunting the high country, nothing compares to the adventure of chasing mountain muley's. Owner Jordan Running Wolf has made this hunt his passion and has had great success. Muley's range from 160" to 207"(check out the gallery). This is a 4-day hunt that will require you to be in the best shape possible. The terrain and weather will test your ability. With high success rates, this hunt also can be subject to weather as well, since the muley's that inhabit the area are migratory from the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Get ready for a demanding and thrilling adventure!



On this 4 day hunt, we have exclusive access to public and private lands for hunting whitetails. Offering a range of opportunities from early season archery spot and stalk to sitting in the blind or above ground in the stand we can tailor to your liking. Late-season hunts from the second weekend in October to December(exact dates TBD) is the rifles season and November is a good time to find the bigger bucks cruising river bottoms and in the timber. On one private ranch at any time is strictly archery equipment. However, we are the only ones allowed to access the property and we achieved this with great Outfitter/Landowner stewardship


Elk Hunting

When you think about hunting your mind always turns to elk. At least ours does, and the opportunities are endless. From screaming bulls in September to the fridged windswept snowy ridge tops of mid-December the excitement is there. The Boulder-Flattop area is draw only for members. As a non-member, you have exclusive access to Boulder-Flattop if you purchase this hunt. You can expect a milder terrain setting with thick aspens intermingled with large timber stands and grassy meadows. with very low hunting pressure this hunt could be full of excitement for 5 days with this package!



Having exclusive access to private land, this 4-day hunt is as good as it gets. Not having to compete with other hunters or hunting pressure you can find some bigger "goats" on this adventure. We have bow hunted and also rifle hunted this area and have taken mature animals in the 14"-16" average. During the archery season, you can get multiple stalks a day on many different herds, options to use a decoy and entice a rut crazy buck into expressing dominance or sitting over a water hole and letting the summer heat bring them to you. 

During rifle season most of the bucks are still in rut and you have the chance to take a giant and not work so hard. It is a 4 day hunt but most of these hunts wont take that long. 


Black Bear

 Spring Bear hunts start in April and run to June 1st. mature males range from 5'5" to 6'5" with some book-type bears to be seen. This hunt is better in the warmer months since the winters have been longer than usual in the past few years and the bears stay denned up longer. We found most of the success in the last 2 weeks of May and the majority of the bears are boars. also, the scenery is second to none on this adventure. In the Fall the bears will be in lower elevations than in the spring. Focusing on berries and plants left to be had will be key sources of food for the fall bears.


Fly Fishing

We have some of the best trout fly fishing opportunities here in Blackfeet Country. The best times to book this trip are from mid-March to mid-May in the spring and mid-September to mid-November. Fishing is phenomenal with rainbow trout reaching double-digit size in weight 10+ pounds and pushing the 30" mark. Also, the opportunity to catch a giant Brown Trout is possible. The spring months bring early ice off fishing in our opinion is the best fishing of the year followed by the early spring pre-spawn and when water temps reach a certain degree that triggers the spawn. If you are lucky enough to be here during this time grab your camera, rain gear, and fly rod, and hang on! You are in for a ride. As the summer comes along the post-spawn rainbows seek deeper waters and get a little tougher to catch. We have the equipment to get you to them but the fishing can get slow. This time is a great time to chase Northern Pike with a fly rod. Summer is when we turn our focus to the rivers and creeks. beautiful pristine mountain freestone waters hold bows, cutthroat, brook, and even bull trout. Summer fishing is the prettiest of them all. Later in the fall the fishing picks back up and it's game on again!!


Upland Bird Hunts

If you’re looking for a relaxed but exciting two-day hunt and to chase some upland birds we have those too. Pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Sharptail Grouse, and Ruffed Grouse can be all found here. The bonus of this hunt is if you tag out on an elk, deer, or whatever hunt you booked earlier than expected, we can then accommodate this hunt for you at no extra charge. Just the cost of the license from the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife and you're set. These birds don’t see a lot of pressure since there aren’t a lot of sportsmen that hunt upland game on the reservation. Limiting out shouldn’t be an issue and the reward is just as tasty as it was fast. 


Coyote and Varmint Hunting 

What a fun hunt to dive into while helping local ranchers and farmers mitigate damage to fields and depredation. Calling coyotes with electronic predator calls and sitting on multiple sets a day. The action never ceases to amaze. Prairie dogs on the plains are plentiful and need thinning so please come join us on this hunt. 

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Things To Know Before Your Arrival

We strive to offer you the best experience possible at TroutHunters so you can be successful in whatever your adventure is. A few things come to mind and are often forgotten when you get caught up in the anticipation of your trip to come, so we'd like to offer you a few suggestions in advance!

If you are planning a hunt or backcountry fishing adventure with us or another outfitter we highly recommend doing the best to your ability to GET IN  SHAPE! The mountain country can be unforgiving and demanding of your body. Being better prepared physically will substantially improve your odds of being successful. The weather here can also be a major factor. In recent years we've had snowstorms in June and August. Double checking your gear, clothing, personals, and other essentials are crucial before departing your home. Clothing and footwear can be easily overlooked items. Build your system around something waterproof or water resistant, a down jacket, and base layers. We recommend merino wool for base layers. Hunting clothing companies like or have excellent mountain systems designed for the western hunter. YouTube is also a great resource as well. When it comes to footwear nothing will take you out of a hunt faster than having blistered feet due to improper fit, socks, and waterproofness. Before trekking in these mountains, it's a great idea to wear the boots you plan on hunting in months before your arrival. Break-in processes can be around 50 miles or so on specific brands. Our go-to boots are Crispi boots. Similar companies like Kenetrek, Schnees, Lowa, and more have great options to fit your needs. A backpack with a frame is preferable but not necessary, but something to carry your gear and items you might need while in the field. For the heavy lifting, we have packs to handle loads if we are successful in an animal harvest. For the really heavy lifting, we have stock animals for that as well. Another item that people don't think about, and we certainly won't ever forget is trekking poles. Imagine having the ability to put your body in 4x4 mode especially when rocky surfaces get wet and slippery. Communication systems are another item to think about. TroutHunters has Garmin InReach's for backcountry coms but more for safety! Along with providing you with the best trip possible, your safety is our number 1 priority! If you have your own please bring it as a way to check in with loved ones waiting for you back at home. There are so many things that we need to list here in this section. However, if you decide to book a trip with us we'll send you a checklist well in advance of your scheduled event. This will help you better prepare. 

When it comes to your equipment and the method of the hunt, we strongly suggest that you PRACTICE and get to know your weapon of choice well and without a doubt. Not only is this a great ethics practice but it allows you to know your capabilities and limitations whether it be a rifle, bow, or other means of taking game. We will further discuss calibers and what we are hunting, over an email or phone call if you choose to use our services. Upon arrival, we will check zeros on your equipment just to know nothing happened during transportation.

For the anglers, you can bring your own gear if you please. Suggestions would be waders and wading boots. Before any fishing takes place all equipment that is used to wade, float, or other means of watercraft need to be inspected for invasive species. Please clean everything from, mud, dirt, vegetation, or anything foreign so we can speed up the process and get to fishing faster. For the stillwater fishing part, you need not to be in as great of shape, but if you book a mountain stream fishing trip, that is the case. We'll be traversing big boulders and shale slides, swift currents, bushwhacking, cobblestones, and so much more. TroutHunters supplies the flies and gear for these fishing adventures, but you are more than welcome to bring your own fly rods, reels, nets, flies, etc. but if you only choose to bring one thing let that be your sense of adventure..... on that note don't forget to bring bear spray!

Currently, we do not offer lodging at this time. We do however have access to campsites and a camper that is at no cost to our customers. On more primitive hunts we'll stay in wall tents or other lightweight tent setups. If you need a roof over your head the options for AirBnB's are endless being a neighbor to Glacier National Park. Hotels are not out of the question as well. Cut Bank, Browning, and East Glacier all have those accommodations along with some very fine dinning! We are happy to help set up your means of staying at what best suits you and your needs and comfort. All you need to do is show up. 

Last but not least, you'll need the most important thing of all to make this dream come true......... your hunting/fishing license!

So what are you waiting for? come join us on a trip you'll never forget.

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Secondary Services

With every adventure you book with us, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Hunts and fishing packages include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hunting trips will have lodging in the form of a tent, a camper with a generator and utilities, a hotel, or one of the local Airbnb properties. Specific hunts and adventures will dictate these options. Prices reflect the cost of not having onsite lodging, however, we will be more than willing to help find you the lodging you prefer. If on a backcountry mule deer hunt for example: we will camp in either a tent spike camp or campsite with a camper and meals will include something lightweight such as dehydrated foods. Weight is always something we consider when it comes to tailoring these adventures.


If you are traveling by air we will gladly pick you up and drop you off in Great Falls(Great Falls International) or Kalispell(GNP International Airport). If needing transportation beyond those airports, travel costs will be adjusted appropriately.

Game Processing and Trophy Care

We offer in-house meat processing if you choose to have your animal processed and packaged for an additional cost before you depart from your trip(prices dictated by the size of the animal, quantity, and species). Shipping the meat using dry ice methods will be determined by the distances and size of the cargo to your residence. Another option is to donate to a local food bank which we will handle free of charge. 

Trophy and field care will be handled by TroutHunters. We will cape your trophy carefully and get it stored for you to transport to your taxidermist of choice. We recommend Alpine Custom Taxidermy in Columbia Falls, Montana.

Recovery Service

If you are in the Northwest or Central Montana area we offer a service to do animal packouts via horse and mule for a $500 minimum based on location of service and need. Ex; If you harvest a bull elk in the Rocky Mountains and need help getting it out. You can hire us to come recover it for you. All we need is a location and the best means of entry to the location via onX map systems or equivalent. Call or send us an email and we will gladly answer any questions and help with this service as much as possible. Even if you choose to book your hunt with another outfitter, we will still be glad to assist in the recovery of your game, camp, or additional gear and equipment.

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